• 5 Important Holiday Health Tips

    The holidays are just around the corner…and if you’re like many of the patients I see in practice, you might be concerned about the extra holiday eats and sips that are bound to be inside your home, work, or social gatherings.  But, fear not!  The holiday season should be a source of food satisfaction, not food stress. 

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  • 10 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving Leftovers

    It is that time of year again – the aroma of turkey, sweet potato, roasted vegetables and other traditional Thanksgiving foods fill the air.  And, from your senses to your stomach, the dinner menu certainly satisfies.  But what’s not satisfying?  When that food ends up in the trash!

    According to the National Resources Defense Council, in 2016, over 6 million turkeys (a value of roughly $293 million!) ended up in the trash.  That figure contributes to the nearly 40% of food goes uneaten each year in the United States.

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  • Cruciferous Veggies: 4 Ways To Go From Dull to Delicious

    I bet that your parents and teachers told you to eat your vegetables growing up – and they did so for good reason!  Vegetables – including cruciferous vegetables – are full of fiber, folate, and vitamins A, C, and K.  

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  • Back-to-School Lunch Box Ideas

    These quick and healthy lunch box ideas are sure to save you time while on-the-go this Fall!

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  • Myth-Busting for a More Nutritious Salad

    September brings a bounty of fresh produce…crucifers like broccoli and cauliflower, orange vegetables like sweet potato and pumpkin, and fruits like apples and pears. Yet, reports suggest that Americans fall short – daily – on the amount of vegetables and fruits they eat.

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  • Protecting the Environment

    Today, we're discussing our efforts to protect the environment and stay in harmony with nature. This marks the FINAL vlog in our Sustainable Farming vlog series. Thank you for following along with us!

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Myth-Busting for a More Nutritious Salad

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